Latest Communication and Works Department Punjab Jobs 2023

Latest Communication and Works Department Punjab Jobs 2023 is inviting applications for the positions of Project Director, Deputy Director Coordinator, Deputy Director ( Procurement and Contract and Assistant Director Environment. This jobs advertise in Express Newspaper on 11 June 2023.

Today Punjab Jobs June 2023 Advertisement

Date Posted11-06-2023
Hiring OrganizationCommunication and Works Department
Jobs LocationLahore
Last Date is14-07-2023
Education RequirementsBachelor / Master
Employment TypeFull Time
No of Posts30+
AddressCommunication and Works Department
Lahore Punjab

Vacancies Details:

Sr NOName of Post
1Project Director
2Deputy Director 
3Deputy Director ( Procurement and Contract
4Assistant Director Environment

How To Apply For this Jobs

  1. Applications are to be submitted online on the Punjab Job Portal at
  2. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for test/ interview
  3. Incomplete/Late received applications will not be entertained
  4. No TA/DA will be admissible for test/interview.
  5. The last date for submission of application is 14 July 2023.

Latest Communication and Works Department Punjab

The Communication and Works Department (C&W Department) in Punjab, Pakistan, is responsible for the planning, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects related to communication, transportation, and public works. Here are some details about the Communication and Works Department in Punjab:

  1. Structure: The Communication and Works Department is headed by a Secretary who oversees the department’s activities. The department is further divided into various wings, divisions, and sub-divisions to handle specific areas of work.
  2. Functions and Responsibilities: The primary functions and responsibilities of the Communication and Works Department include:
    • Planning and development: The department is responsible for the planning and development of communication and transportation infrastructure, including roads, bridges, buildings, and other public works projects.
    • Construction and maintenance: The department undertakes the construction, expansion, and maintenance of roads, highways, bridges, and other infrastructure projects to ensure their safe and efficient operation.
    • Project management: The department manages and supervises infrastructure projects, including tendering, contract management, and quality control, to ensure timely completion and adherence to standards.
    • Technical expertise: The department provides technical expertise and guidance on engineering and construction matters to other government departments, local authorities, and public entities.
    • Road safety: The department works towards improving road safety by implementing measures such as traffic management, signage, and road markings.
    • Disaster management: The department plays a role in disaster management by responding to emergencies and repairing infrastructure damaged by natural disasters or accidents.
    • Public-private partnerships: The department explores opportunities for public-private partnerships in infrastructure development, engaging with private entities for financing, construction, and maintenance of projects.
  3. Projects and Initiatives: The Communication and Works Department undertakes various projects and initiatives to enhance infrastructure and transportation in Punjab. These projects may include:
    • Road construction and rehabilitation: The department focuses on constructing new roads, widening existing roads, and rehabilitating deteriorated road infrastructure to improve connectivity and transportation efficiency.
    • Bridge construction: The department plans and constructs bridges to facilitate smooth movement across water bodies and challenging terrains.
    • Building construction and maintenance: The department is involved in constructing government buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, and other public infrastructure, as well as their ongoing maintenance.
    • Urban development: The department contributes to urban development projects, including sewerage systems, drainage networks, streetlights, and beautification of urban areas.
    • Infrastructure upgrading: The department works on upgrading and expanding existing infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the population and economic development.
  4. Collaboration and Coordination: The Communication and Works Department collaborates with other government departments, local authorities, and relevant stakeholders to ensure effective coordination in infrastructure planning and implementation.
  5. Public Engagement: The department engages with the public by addressing public concerns, receiving feedback, and conducting awareness campaigns related to infrastructure projects and road safety.

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